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What to do after a water damage incident?

Water damage is one of the severe damages for the landlord, whether from the bursting of pipes or the flood. Before the proper assessment, the professional will never understand what water damages occur inside and outside your house.

Many householders start to panic when they go through water damage but this is also an important time to think of the rational actions to take to prevent further damage. Take quick actions to save your house from more severe outcomes.

We recommend you to call the professionals who work in water restoration services. If you are not willing to get a professional team and think that you can manage yourself, here is the list of the important things you need to do immediately after any water damage incident.

Switch off the electricity

First, turn off your electric power. Whenever you are dealing with water damage, your first concern will be electricity. If you are not good at assessing your electricity, contact your area electricians to evaluate your electricity situation and they will provide you with better suggestions.

If you have minor damage, then also you will need to shut down the main breaker. Floodwater causes significant damages, and if the water is standing inside your home, do not run the power supply before removing the water.

Source of water leaks

Water leaks from several ways like seepage from the roof due to heavy rain, bursting of water pipelines. The main reason for water damage causes a massive amount of standing water inside the house.

Resolve water leakage as a permanent solution like fill the cracks on the roof with sealant. Occasionally access the water pipelines and replace the affected pipe. The floodwater causes severe damage, but there are many protective ways.

Remove affected items

Water damage affects many of your accessories like furniture, carpets, and almost everything in your home. Furniture and rugs are mostly concerned with water damage and it requires to be removed immediately after the incident.

If you do not remove the affected items, it would cause significant health issues to your family. Affected carpets are more prone to the growth of bacteria, moulds, and other microorganisms that affect your health.

Clear the water

The most important thing is to remove the water from your house. Standing water causes significant issues and affects your premises, specifically the walls, and floors more badly.

Do not touch the water before turning off the main power supply. It will be life-risking if there is any wire in the water.

Wear protective dresses, gloves, shoes, and a mask before clearing the water. Flood water or any other water damage resource is contaminated with toxic materials that will be hazardous to health.

Prefer calling professionals to extract the water from your home as water needs to be adequately removed and dried out after the incident.

Open the windows

After cleaning water and other affected material from the house, open the windows and doors. Also, run the fan, which will help you in proper drying and ventilation of the house. Drying of all the premises after cleaning is most important.

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